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Driving Tips Namibia Car Rental Namibia Reservations

Rent the right car:

How do you know when to rent the right vehicle that will suite your self- drive tour in Namibia.
follows these simple steps to a safer and more enjoyable experience in Namibia

Make sure you have the right driver’s license and an international license when driving in Namibia.

Make sure that the tyres are in good order, that the side walls do not have any cuts or bulges. The air pressure should always be the recommended pressure. The Tyre tread should run off evenly.

How many people will be traveling:
Depending on how many people will be in the car, you will then have to decide on the right vehicle for you. The larger the group is the more luggage you will have.
If you are deciding on a camping tour and carrying camping equipment you will have to upgrade to a larger vehicle.

Route Planning:
Route planning is essential, as Namibia is a big country and many tourists underestimate the distance between the towns. It does not pay to speed to your next destination, as you put your life and those around you at risk.
Rather contact the accommodation and tell them that you might be late and inform where you are coming from.

The Seasons in Namibia:
What season will you be visiting Namibia? When you travel in Namibia the road conditions will change. Namibia has many gravel roads, as well as tar roads, that are well maintained.
However driving on gravel roads do offer wonderful sightseeing opportunities, you should be careful. It is advised that you drive with your lights on, because there will be dust and this can limit your vision. Your might not see a bend or an animal.
When you see a vehicle in front of you keep you distance as stones will be thrown up and hit the windscreen. Keeping well away from the dust cloud will also prevent stones flying around.
When you see that there is a bend in the road slow down your speed. Traveling on gravel roads is not like snow/ice conditions, as the roads have sharp objects and the surface is not smooth; the chances to damage a tyre or loose control over the vehicle is very real.
Take care when you see that there is a sand storm as this will cause some damage to the paint and wind screen of the car.

During the rainy season the road conditions change. Some gravel roads become very slippery and it is advised that you should take special care by driving slowly.
There are some areas that have many dry river beds and during the wet season flash floods do occur. If you do reach a river then rather wait until it stops flowing Crossing the river is not a good idea especially when you can still see debris. floating past you.
If you see that the flow has diminished and you would like to know if it is safe to cross you will then be able to walk across, but be careful that you are not swept away.
Be careful not to drive through water with a hot engine as will cause damage. Also remember that water entering the engine might stall.

Animals in Namibia:
When traveling on the roads always be alert and be careful for animals. They do graze freely along side the roads. If you do see an animal slow down your speed and approach them carefully. Namibia still have many wild as well as domestic animals that roam and cross the roads to reach their next grazing spots. If you approach animals always keep a sharp look out as they might be standing on either side of the road.

Speed in Namibia:
You should always drive on your left hand side of the road in Namibia. The speed is 120km/h on open roads and 60km/h in the towns. On the gravel roads it is advised to drive about 80km/h.
Safety belts must always be worn, you will get fine should a traffic office pull you over. The safety belts also save lives. Adhere to the traffic signs, they are international. If it is indicated that there is a curve ahead slow down.
Remember driving slower you will enjoy more of Namibia and not put anyone at risk.

When overtaking make sure the that there is excellent visibility and that there is no oncoming traffic and that you can see a straight road in front of you.


  • When traveling by road keep your vehicle locked at all times.
  • Visible articles in the car should be placed out of sight so as not to tempt petty "thieves".
  • Lock valuables in a safe place
  • Be aware of handbag snatchers, pick pockets or suspicious looking persons.
  • Extreme caution should be exercised when considering bathing in African rivers. Most rivers carry the Bilharzia patho-gene and harbors dangerous crocodiles and hippos.

Driving License:
A foreign/international driver’s license is invalid, unless:

  • The license has been issued in English; or
  • A certificate of authenticity or validity relating to the license issued in English by a competent authority (Embassy, High Commissioner); or
  • A translation of that license in English by a sworn translator, is attached thereto; and
  • The license contains a photograph and signature of the holder thereof.

Please note that BOTH the national and international driving licenses (if needed) have to be brought along at all times. The international driving license is valid ONLY in conjunction with the national driving license!

Kindly make sure that these requirements are adhered to, in order to ensure that the insurance takes affect in terms of the rental agreement. Vehicles can not be handed over to clients who do not comply with the above regulation.
(from the Namibia Insurance Association)


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